A twist of fate

I was asked earlier on Wattpad what happens next, so, even if I wasn’t planning on it, here’s part two for the puppies’ story posted here

The screech of the tires subsided and got covered by my deep, guttural cry. I bend down to lick my front foot, but it’s a bloody mess of bones and flesh, and it hurts so much I could die.
Mandy did the right thing for a change and stood away from the road, but she was still barking madly at the car that just ran over my leg.
“Oh, my God! Did we ran it over?” Says a female human voice as she gets off the car and checks up on me. A man gets out of the driver’s seat and walks toward my sister, who’s still barking in a fit of rage.
The woman makes eye contact with me, and she immediately realizes that my leg is crushed. “Oh, poor thing…” She says, very carefully reaching up to me. “He has a crushed leg, but I think that’s all.” I am still crying my lungs out, and not only out of pain.
I’m also tired of walking all day, and I’m hungry, and I miss my home, and my mom, and my bowl of food, and I even miss the human cub that sometimes put clothes on my sister and me. I miss my life, and the affection, and this is all so unfair, and my leg hurts and this lady is doing her best, but she’s not careful enough and I really, really wish I was run over completely instead of this.
But suddenly I remember Mandy, who’s in this unknown human’s arms, not at all barking but squealing now, and I know I have to stay strong and see for both of us and not just for myself. So I soldier through the pain, and the loss, and the hunger and try to be calm, because maybe if we play it right, we can get these people to feed us. So I do what I know best. I endure pain as I reach up to lick this woman’s face.
Mandy is quick to understand my plan and does the same. Or maybe she’s just hopeful that these people will take us home somehow. She’s always been very simple-minded. And soon enough we’re inside this car that mashed my leg, dashing through the endless road at light speed.
“These puppies were abandoned back there just like that?” The woman says. I can smell her anger clearly, sitting here on her lap. She’s carefully holding my broken limb in her hand, covered in her pink scarf. It still hurts like hell, but I swallow it up. I’m a grown pup.
Besides, I’m almost glad that these people are giving us a ride. I wish they gave us some food, too.
“It looks like it.”
“Who would do such a thing? Abandon them just like that to die?”
And this is when Mandy gives me the big, scared eyes. It didn’t cross her mind yet that we were abandoned to fend for ourselves.
“What does she mean abandoned, Jack?”
“It means exactly that, Mandy.” I say to her, wincing and biting myself to keep my pain on this side of my mouth. Mandy falls quiet for the rest of the trip, but I can tell she’s processing this. Like me, she probably doesn’t understand why our humans would abandon us.
The man driving the car has a stern look in his face.
“We can’t keep them, Sonya.”
“I know we can’t, Nate.” I can tell that she wants to, though. “But we’ll take this one to see a vet at least. I’m not leaving him in the dog shelter with this limb.”
I see Mandy’s eyes widening at me, and I know we’re thinking the same thing. Are they really planning to separate me from my sister?


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