Five old stories you might not have read.

It just dawned on me: Most of you, my dear readers, are reading the latest stuff, while the old Flash Fictions I wrote--during March, for instance--are getting progressively buried in the bottom of a big pile that increases each and every day. So, just in case you missed them, lemme present you with a quick... Continue Reading →

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I know. Another aspiring writer.

Please be welcome. I'm hoping you're sitting right now, you know, so you can get comfortable because this will be quite the emotional trip. Nah, just kidding. Let's start with laying down some facts. The first time I sat on a chair and wrote was at age fourteen. That's twenty years ago! I wanted to... Continue Reading →

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“Can I dye my hair?! Please! Say yes!” There’s a pause. Mom sighs a sigh for the legends. “As long as you don’t come back home with grandma-gray hair, Layla.” I’m again at Amy Lee’s house, talking to mom on the phone. I have her on speakers so Amy Lee and Jude can hear. The... Continue Reading →

My own guitar

The gist of the situation at hand: I want to spare you the details of Sabrina’s departure. Two reasons for this. The first, it was just a normal farewell at a normal airport on a normal Monday afternoon. It didn’t start to rain to signify the importance of each other’s loss, or anything else of... Continue Reading →


Life usually has many of those… how do people call them? Ah, yes. Breaking points. My most recent breaking point was two nights ago, when Sabrina tried to hit on me. I mean, let’s work on this for a bit so you know the whole impact this brings to my life. First of all, I... Continue Reading →

Amy Lee & Jude – Part III

“Hey. Don’t forget Layla here is still underage.” Jude looks at me and releases Amy Lee’s lip, and a hint of pink creeps to her pale face. “Sorry, sorry. I guess I got carried away.” I feel like I probably should say something, but for some reason I can’t find my words. I need to... Continue Reading →

Amy Lee & Jude – Part II

I’m starting to think that I shouldn’t be in this kind of party. For starters, it’s packed full with older people. If this being a free-from-college party is any indication, everyone in here except for Sabrina, Joe and I are college students. There’s the music blasting through a sound system I’ve never seen at any... Continue Reading →

Amy Lee & Jude

Sabrina’s flight has been scheduled for next Monday. The original plan was for her to fly during the weekend, which means today, but she heard somewhere about this crazy thing about ruining weekends by saying goodbyes on Fridays or Saturdays. Apparently, it gets ruined because the one who travels loses her weekend in the trip;... Continue Reading →

Summer Vacations

It’s a lovely afternoon to read outside, so Sabrina and I took a few chairs next to dad’s makeshift pond—which, let me tell you, it has no juice—and are now basking in the last rays of sun of the day. We’ve been mostly silent, which is quite rare even when we read. We usually have... Continue Reading →

The day after

I still think that this has to be some kind of terrible, ugly joke. It is a feeling I can’t seem to shake, even as I walk through the hall and straight to our classroom, bumping into people as I rush. Some things shouldn’t be allowed to happen. It’s… too much to process. This can’t... Continue Reading →

Joe, the guitarist (Part II)

“Joe, can you explain me again where to put my fingers on this?” “Sure thing.” He says, and walks to Layla, who gives him the guitar. “You start here…” “Yeah, I remember that.” “Alright, then you go like this…” “Okay?” “And then you move your fingers like this.” Joe says to finish, moving his fingers... Continue Reading →

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